therefore I will ENTER MOTOR Sports WITH A VOLVO...

...and then with a Volvo C30?

When I was a children I certainly never ever thought that I would be an owner of a Volvo someday... but here I am with a Volvo C30 T5 as my project car.
The Volvo C30 is different, has an unique design and you will keep this car in mind.
I really appreciate these qualities because I like things that stand out from the gray masses. Getting into motorsport with a Volvo C30 T5 sounds a little unusual for some people... and yes, it will certainly be a small, big challenge to carry out appropriate conversion measures and to procure parts. But I love challenges - making the impossible possible!
I'm aware of the fact that this car is not the perfect basis for a track tool and I know that it would be pretty much easier to buy "ready for track car" e.g. from BMW - But hey! In general simple things are boring and its not a Volvo C30. Don't get me wrong - I love BMW, especially the BMW M2! 
However this is an affair of my heart to built up and drive my first race-events with my Volvo C30. I can buy the BMW later on, if I have already increased my racetrack skills ;-)
For my first steps on racetrack the C30 will be good "Entry-Tracktool" I think, even if the provision of adequate parts will be a great challenge.
Now I will get me and my Volvo ready for the first race events!

The basis we will start with...

Picture by Daniel Schumann
Picture by Daniel Schumann

Volvo C30 T5 r-Design

  • Engine: 2521 cm³ / 5-Cylinder
  • 169 kW (230 hp)
  • 320 Nm at 1500–5000 min−1
  • 6-Gear manual
  • MJ 2008
  • Equipment: Summum - Everything out of the order list, except of  auxiliary heating, sun roof as well as BLIS.
  • In addition it was installed a limited slip differential on front axle from HEICO (Quaife, 25 %).



Anyone have its past... Volvo C30 as well!

Originally my C30 was a press car from Volvo Germany.
During this time, a beautiful article was also created by testing the Volvo C30 against the VW Scirocco.
Read and see for yourself: