How come I chose a Volvo for entering Motorsports...

...and why especially a Volvo C30?

As a child, I would have probably never imagined that I will end up with a Volvo as a serious sports car one day. Back then a muscle car or BMW would have occurred more likely on my Wishlist. Still it came as it had to and what started with a Volvo 440 has finally lead me to my precious C30. The Volvo C30 is different, has a unique design and you will keep this car in mind. I really appreciate these qualities because I like things that stand out from the grey masses.
Getting into motorsport with a Volvo C30 T5 sounds a little unusual for some people... and yes, it will certainly be a small, big challenge to carry out appropriate conversion measures and to procure parts. But I love challenges - making the impossible possible! I'm aware of the fact that this car is not the perfect base for a track tool and I know that it would've been a lot easier to just buy a "ready for track car" e.g. from BMW - But hey! Most simple things are boring and you definitely don't have that with a C30. Don't get me wrong - I also love BMW, especially the M2! However it's a matter close to my heart building up and run my first raceevents with my Volvo C30. For my first steps on the racetrack it will be a good "Entry-Tracktool" and I can get the BMW later on, when my racing skills have been even further developed.
The challenge of finding quality parts for a car like the C30 is of course something to grow on, too. So anyway, here we are now and will step by step dive into Project Racetrack together. I'm very excited about all the new Experiences there are to make and which I will kindly share on this Website.

The base we started with...

Picture by Daniel Schumann
Picture by Daniel Schumann

Volvo C30 T5 R-Design

  • Engine: 2521 cm³ / 5-Cylinder
  • 169 kW (230 hp)
  • 320 Nm at 1500–5000 min−1
  • 6-Gear manual
  • MJ 2008
  • Equipment: Summum - Everything you could get with your C30, except for auxiliary heating, a sun roof and BLIS.
  • In addition a limited slip differential from HEICO (Quaife, 25 %) has been installed on the front axle.



Everyone has a story...

...and my Volvo C30 has one as well! Originally my C30 was a press car from Volvo Germany.

During this time, a beautiful article came out where this Volvo C30 was compared to the VW Scirocco. Here you can read it for yourself: