Significant improvement in GLP 2 2018

On June 9, 2018, everything on the Nordschleife again revolved around accuracy. Accuracy in the range of hundredths of a second, mind you. The organiser RCN e.V. had called for the second GLP in the 2018 season under the title "Rhein-Sieg". A total of 140 teams were named, a good 20 fewer than in the first run. Among them were 52 in the rookie class, in which the Volvo C30 also competed for the second time.



Tricky Eifel weather


Before the starting formation, it was unclear for some time whether the GLP would be started. Despite good weather conditions a thick fog band had settled on the Eifel roller coaster, and at Döttinger Höhe the visibility dropped to almost zero. But the worries disappeared shortly before 8 o'clock, when the fog dissipated.



Experience from the first run makes itself noticeable


The significantly increased track knowledge, but also the less excitement compared to GLP 1 had a significant effect on our performance. Charleen was able to lead the C30 through the first block with a steady hand in fast drying track and fast improving visibility conditions. The result at the end of the first half was just 37.4 penalty points, a deviation of just 3.74 seconds in three confirmation laps. A great reward was the second confirmation lap in the second block, in which an almost perfect lap with a deviation of only one hundredth of a second was recorded.



Small inattentions, big (time) consequences


In the case of GLP, even the slightest inattention due to the strict penalty point rules can have major consequences. A slow-down, a mistake in stopping the times, an over-enthusiastic competitor who wants to minimize his deviation at any price - zack, there are penalty points on the paper again. The second scoring block was also a success from a rookie point of view with a total of 38.6 tenths of a second.


The overall result was 13th place in the rookie classification with 76 penalty points. This corresponds to a deviation of 7.6 seconds over a total of six confirmation laps. For a team that doesn't have the possibility to train frequently under real conditions due to the great distance to the Nordschleife, this is something we can see for itself!