03.2018 - Additional struts for the front axle

With the change to the BILSTEIN B14 chassis, the lower chassis struts from UltraRacing were installed at the same time. Actually Daniel had originally bought these struts for his C30. However, as we are using the track intensively with my C30 this year, we have installed the struts at my C30, which proved to be a really very good decision. 


When it comes to the chassis, you can clearly see that the C30 was not built for the race track. The chassis is designed for comfort over long distances.

Of course, this is not quite ideal for our purpose, which is why the BILSTEIN B14 was also used before the first trip.

In order to get even more out of the chassis, we have additionally decided to install lower chassis struts for the front axle of UltraRacing. 


The built-in struts make the body less flexible. This significantly reduces body distortion, especially under load when driving in curves.

The stiffening of the body at the front axle significantly reduces over-steering. The effect of the struts is enormous - in contrast to before, the C30 literally sticks to the road and can be steered much more precisely at high speeds through the corners on the Nordschleife. 


However, UltraRacing's struts bring a small drop of bitterness: The front strut does not fit - see pictures below!

It took a lot of perseverance and creativity from our friend who assembled the struts with me. For a friction-free installation of the front strut, the M66 hangs a little too low. Therefore, the torque mount had to be disassembled first so that the gear could be pushed slightly upwards. Then we mounted the strut and bent it with hammer and crowbar until the gearbox had enough space to move down again. Since 2 mm more steel would have been needed for an optimal fit, the gearbox now rests directly on the strut. Because of this fact, you now have a very sporty sound in the passenger compartment, to put it positively - because Racecar. The super handling in curves is now accompanied by loud vibration noises, despite a piece of rubber between the strut and the transmission. Fortunately, at higher speeds in connection with low revolutions only little is to be heard. This also makes long distances possible. 


For some time I was thinking about dismantling the struts. Another solution would be to cut off the gearbox a little at this point, because the part of the gearbox that protrudes too far down can be shortened a bit. But there is not enough time and possibilities to do this quickly in between. However, since the struts have such an enormous effect on driving behaviour, we are still living with the soundscape. Man is, as we know, a creature of habit. I will definitely look for contact to UltraRacing, because it is not obvious on the website that the struts do not fit on an M66 gearbox. In any case, there is no indication to the contrary for the S40 (identical platform). If I read correctly, however, the struts for the Ford Focus (also identical platform) are only intended for certain engines. As soon as I have an answer, I will add it here. 


Our conclusion is that the assembly of the struts is absolutely worthwhile and is almost indispensable for the C30 on the race track, just like a good suspension to achieve an optimal cornering position. With the change to the BILSTEIN B14 chassis, the lower chassis struts from UltraRacing were installed at the same time. Actually Daniel had originally bought these struts for his C30. However, I don't think the aspirations would be suitable for everyday life, because the effect cannot really be exhausted. In my opinion, the effort is not worth it.



Pictures by Charleen Rümling

2013 - Strut brace for the front axle

Some time ago I already installed the strut brace from SPR to make the C30 stiffer and more direct on the front axle.

The strut from SPR is of very high quality and precisely fitted for the C30, which is why I chose this one. Even if a "round" strut would be even better from a physical point of view, I am still very satisfied with the strut brace from SPR, which is why I see no need for improvement here for the time being. 


The strut brace, which connects the right and left side of the chassis, makes the vehicle less flexible on the front axle. This effect makes the body significantly stiffer and can move less, especially in bends, which also means more grip for the tyres. By shifting the weight of the vehicle in curves, negative characteristics such as overdriving and understeering due to the deformation or twisting of the body can occur. 

  • Overdriving causes the rear to break out slightly, as the rear wheels lose grip more quickly. This can be counteracted by stiffening the front of the vehicle. 
  • With understeering, the front wheels quickly lose grip, which is particularly noticeable in tight corners. This can be counteracted by stiffening the rear axle. 

Conclusion: Even if you only drive the vehicle on the road, a strut brace can be very useful for a sporty driving style. Especially since the price-performance ratio is really good in this case. This investment is worthwhile for every sporty driver.



Pictures by Charleen Rümling