03.2018 - The torque mount and why it should be optimized....

If you want to modify your car and optimize it technically, you certainly don't think about replacing the torque mount first.
Therefore I would like to explain why it makes sense to replace the original torque mount with another one.

The Volvo C30, like many other cars, has a transverse engine. For this reason, quite hard tilting motions of the motor become noticeable during load changes. These tilting movements are particularly noticeable at high speeds and frequent load changes, i. e. on the racetrack.

A stronger torque support combined with a an appropriate PU bushing can reduce the tilting movements.

This results in a smoother shifting process and better engine response.

I think those who are sporty with their cars can understand how these tilting movements have a negative effect on performance.

Thierry, a good friend of mine, has already gained experience with different manufacturers and recommended the company Auto Specialists UK.

The incorruptible advantage of this torque mount is that there are three different hardness levels and these can be changed, if required. In this case, Auto Specialists UK works with Powerflex PU.


Here is a brief overview of the different degrees of hardness:
Yellow - High residual comfort and at the same time a significant reduction of tilting movements of the engine
Purple - Little residual comfort and a massive reduction of tilting movements, as well as significantly faster shifting processes.
Black - Only recommended for pure racing cars / track tools, very precise and accurate shifting and driving experience.

Since the Volvo C30 is not a pure track tool and the approach to the Nürburgring Nordschleife is more than 400 km per route, a residual comfort must be maintained. My back and the interior trim should remain undamaged for a long time. :-)
For these reasons I ordered the torque mount with the yellow PU version.
What can I say...? I am absolutely delighted with the quality and can warmly recommend it. Convince yourselves in the pictures!


Update - 11.04.2018

Since the torque arm has been installed for some time now, I would like to give a short report.
The effect is absolute madness - I didn't expect it. As described above, the torque support almost completely neutralizes the load change during shifting and acceleration processes. This gives you almost a shift process that runs as smoothly as with an automatic transmission. The response behaviour has also improved significantly thanks to the torque support.

In short: The price-performance ratio is unbeatable! The only thing you have to put up with is a little more vibration in the steering wheel.

But this is really a hardly noticeable effect. If you want to get even more out of the M66 transmission, you should definitely treat yourself to the torque support from Auto Specialists UK.
Click here for the link!

Pictures by Charleen Rümling